martie 29, 2015

The Romanian American University’s Aula Magna hosted Friday, March 27, 2015 the works of AFER General Assembly

Romanian-American University (RAU) proved once again to be an excellent choice for the works of AFER (Association of Faculties of Economics in Romania) productive and participative […]
martie 6, 2015

The opening of the first “Center of Excellence in Health and Tourism” took place on Thursday, March 5, 2015, at the RIN Grand Hotel in Bucharest

Yesterday, March 5, 2015, putting together skills, experience and knowledge, and offering all inclusive packages, Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics (Dr. Ionut Leahu), and Seytour (Razvan […]
martie 6, 2015

A new commentary by the European Retail Academy on the Romanian-American University’s involvement in addressing key issues of consumer protection

Within the context of the 25th Anniversary of the Romanian Association for Consumers’ Protection (APC Romania), the European Retail Academy (Germany) made a new reference to […]
martie 1, 2015

25th Anniversary of APC Romania, 25 February, 2015, InterContinental Hotel Bucharest

Ten months ago, Romanian-American University (RAU) organized in collaboration with the Romanian Distribution Committee (CRD) and the Romanian Association for Consumers’ Protection (APC Romania) a remarkable […]