aprilie 29, 2017

Professor William Perttula, new “Internet Marketing” Course at the Romanian-American University

  It is always challenging for the students to meet somebody dedicated to deliver a superior quality higher education in Internet Marketing, somebody from the well-known […]
aprilie 26, 2017

Celebrating the 26th Anniversary of the Romanian-American University (RAU)

  The Romanian-American University’s Senate Hall hosted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, the celebration of the 26th Anniversary of RAU. President of Senate, Professor Ana-Maria Preda, […]
aprilie 8, 2017

The first All African Conference and Exhibition about the Future Management of Postharvest/Food Losses

European Retail Academy (ERA) informed us of the success of the first All African Congress and Exhibition about the future management of Postharvest/Food Losses that attracted […]