Professor Ion Smedescu, a true Holistic Marketing Manager
septembrie 5, 2015
RAU Rector Ovidiu Folcut has received the distinction of Honorary Membership conferred by AFER
octombrie 30, 2015
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A commentary by ERA (Germany) on 2016 International CIRCLE Conference

The next International CIRCLE Conference will be hosted in 2016 by the University of Naples “Parthenope” and the Second University of Naples, with the patronage and the support of SIM – Società Italiana di Marketing (Italian Marketing Society). Founded in 2004 by Professor Claudio Vignali, the International CIRCLE Conference offers the opportunity to enjoy a traditional annual event held each year at other universities.

The keynote speeches of this 13th International CIRCLE Conference will continue to focus on the new frontiers for management and marketing. Within this context, Giuseppe Morici (President Region Europe of Barilla Group) and Fabio Babiloni (Professor of Physiology and PhD in Neural Engineering, who is in the list of the Top Italian Scientists in all fields of knowledge) will describe the way management and marketing are changing and will change in the next years.

The European Retail Academy (ERA) website is also confirming that academic friendship (in this case, betweenProfessors Claudio Vignali and Bernd Hallier) is one of the greatest gifts of life.


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