European Retail Academy: Africa, a special focus for 2016/2017
martie 17, 2016
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aprilie 6, 2016
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Academic Partnership 2016 SCM4ECR Conference, 28-29 October

Academics, researchers, consultants and practitioners are invited to participate at the on line/live conference (organized at International  Conference Center of Valahia University of Tȃrgovişte):   Future Value Chain – Rethinking Networks through Omni-Channel for Consumer. New challenges of IoT in Supply Chain Management, 28-29 October, 2016.

We are fully aware of the fact that: a strategic and holistic approach is the first ingredient of a sustainable supply chain strategy; the transformation of the supply chain presupposes a well-designed road map starting from observing principles such as: compression, conformance, co-operation and communication; senior supply chain executives underline the need for actionable intelligence in solutions that will allow leaders to maximize their current operations by increasing productivity, reducing cost, improving utilization and quality, and yielding greater returns on existing assets, supply chain optimization, innovations for changing times, and performance excellence being on their agenda; we are under great pressure of adopting and embedding digital processes, the pace of innovation being extraordinary, while performance metrics begin to include customer-satisfaction scores as a result of new or improved digital offerings and user experiences;  in a world of digital empowered intelligent customers, of digital products, of digital business operations and digital competitors, the fierce competition forces firms to exploit digital technologies, to have profound knowledge, to focus on market imperatives and to demonstrate a deep commitment to these digital empowered intelligent customers that disrupts every industry; digital is the new normal today (the traditional marketing-mix and CRM were already transformed into the so-called “New Marketing Normal”), the digitally transformation allowing, step by step, a closer connection with customers, and accordingly answering to the new requirements of the supply chain management.