martie 1, 2015

25th Anniversary of APC Romania, 25 February, 2015, InterContinental Hotel Bucharest

Ten months ago, Romanian-American University (RAU) organized in collaboration with the Romanian Distribution Committee (CRD) and the Romanian Association for Consumers’ Protection (APC Romania) a remarkable […]
aprilie 2, 2014

Upcoming special Event of the Romanian Competition Council: The Romanian Competition Council’s Annual Activity Report, April 8, 2014

Just a year ago we noted that there is no doubt that „competition policy history” matters, as a special kind of „path dependence” process ( ). […]
ianuarie 28, 2014

“Supply Chain Management. Fundamental and Support Elements”, edited by Virgil Popa and Marta Starostka-Patyk

Professor Virgil Popa, the distinguished Member of the Editorial Board of our “Holistic Marketing Management” Journal, sent us a new challenging book (Monograph) entitled: “Supply Chain […]
decembrie 18, 2013

“Diploma of Excellence” awarded to Rector Ovidiu FOLCUȚ, Romanian-American University, on the occasion of the celebration of Economic Higher Education in Romania

Professor Ovidiu FOLCUȚ, the young Rector of the Romanian-American University, was awarded the  “Diploma of Excellence” on the occasion of the celebration of 170 Years of […]