Profesorul Ion Bulborea: “Vocea înţeleptului în pustiu”
decembrie 8, 2020
Congratulatory letter from Professor Peter Štarchoň on the occasion of the 30th RAU Anniversary
aprilie 21, 2021
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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Romanian-American University (RAU)

Romanian-American University (RAU) marked the opening ceremony of its 30th Anniversary on Monday, April 19, 2021. This year participants at RAU events (conferences and workshops, cultural shows and virtual tours through RAU campus, online meetings with university friends etc.) organized on 19, 21 and 22nd of April 2021, on the occasion of this 30th RAU Anniversary, enjoyed and will enjoy a unique experience thanks to a digital platform.

RAU Rector Costel Negricea has delivered opening remarks,by framing a historic gathering of the distinguished Founding-President and Rector Ion Smedescu and his valuable Partners, whose efforts made possible the development of this reputed educational citadel. Professor Costel Negricea underlined the extraordinary intellect and the strong commitment and dedication of Professor Ion Smedescu to providing a quality education and sharing a true love of learning and for RAU, constantly challenging priorities and inspiring the entire academic family, empathizing with students (their experience being the fundamental process of designing the RAU’s goals and strategies), identifying and developing talent, learning to adapt and effectively address changes in the relevant market demand or competition, actively seeking to understand broader trends outside RAU, innovating within the academic  ecosystem as unit of analysis for strategic thinking, matching talent to value, taking responsibility for effecting positive change. RAU Rector Costel Negricea congratulated RAU Academic Family and Friends, confirming the agile transformation by gathering the necessary feedback from stakeholders to guide RAU future developments, better understanding students’ rising needs and expectations in academic quality, employability and the facilities offered to them.

The President of the “Romanian-American Foundation for Promoting Education and Culture” (FRAPEC), Professor Dumitru Miron, delivered a message of confidence, optimism and moderate aspiration, remembering that knowledge is managed towards wisdom at RAU.

President of Senate, Professor Ovidiu Folcuţ expressed RAU hope to continuously prove worthy of RAU Academic Family and Friends’ trust, and reconfirmed the continuous RAU’s qualitative preoccupation within the context of the significant challenges (including digitization).

It was again truly inspiring to see so many RAU Friends proudly enjoying this RAU celebration, and to hear with great pleasure such significant congratulatory messages transmitted by: State Councilors with the Presidential Administration, the Minister of Education, the President of the National Council of Rectors, Rectors of valuable Universities, Ambassadors and other high-ranking diplomats, reputed companies and professional associations, distinguished professors, and the last but not least students and alumni.

Allow us to also express in a hearty manner our emotions for RAU within this special framework. Congratulations to our proud RAU Academic Family, who celebrated its rich heritage and expressed our dreams for the future!

Happy Anniversary RAU!