noiembrie 30, 2017

Event Month at the School of Management-Marketing of the Romanian-American University

What the School of Management-Marketing and Romanian-American University (RAU) do every year, is to transform the lives of students, create new knowledge, support business and professions […]
noiembrie 26, 2017

Raportul anual al Consiliului Concurenţei 2017 şi nevoia de istorie

Conferinţa organizată de Consiliul Concurenţei cu ocazia prezentării Raportului anual “Evoluţia concurenţei în sectoare cheie ale economiei românești” a avut loc în data de 23 noiembrie […]
noiembrie 14, 2017

Successful Academic & Business Partnership 2017 MLIBCW

This year’s edition of the International Conference “Management, Leadership and Innovation towards a Better Changing World” (MLIBCW), organized by the Romanian-American University (RAU) on the 2nd […]
octombrie 22, 2017

Great Success of the Academic & Business Partnership 2017 SCM 4 ECR Conference

The Academic & Business Partnership 2017 SCM 4 ECR Conference, 19-21 October, Târgovişte, Romania – with the theme “Physical Internet and New Challenges in Supply Chain […]