mai 26, 2018

Wilsonian Club: The Rebirth of Europe, 2018 Conference • Washington, DC

Two years ago, in May 2016, we highlighted that  President Wilson’s vision of collective security and national self-determination endures in the 21st century, this idea being […]
aprilie 20, 2018

Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of the Romanian-American University (RAU)

  Romanian-American University (RAU) marked its 27th Anniversary on Thursday, April 19, 2018 with a special event in Aula Magna. President of Senate, Professor Ana-Maria Preda, […]
aprilie 17, 2018

ASE Bucharest, 1st “icESS”, Track 7: “Sustainable Marketing”

Five years ago the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE Bucharest) celebrated the centennial (within this historical framework hosted by the Aula Magna of ASE Bucharest, […]
martie 28, 2018

Debate with Mr. Greg O’Connor, US Embassy Regional Senior Commercial Officer Southeast Europe

Commercial diplomacy, a core tenet of the foreign policy, consists mainly of assistance to the promotion of exports and foreign direct investment (FDI), continuously adapting commercial […]