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The Romanian American University’s Senate Hall hosted Thursday, 27 October, 2011, a public lecture given by Professor William Perttula, College of Business, San Francisco State University
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Outstanding subsequent meetings of the First International Congress ,,Health – Nutrition – Wellbeing”

After the First International Congress ,,Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing which took place at Aro Palace Hotel, Brasov, 15-17 October, 2011, under the patronage of the Romanian Patriarchate, The Romanian Academy, The Ministry of Public Health, The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, The Ministry of Education, Research, Innovation and Sport in collaboration with the International Association of Distribution (A.I.D.A Bruxelles) and EHI Retail Institute, there were outstanding subsequent meetings held in Bucharest, including at the Romanian-American University and the Academy of Economic Studies.

    On this occasion, Professor John. L. Stanton (Saint Joseph’s University’s, Philadelphia), Honorary President of the Congress, held discussions with and handed Diplomas of “SANABUNA Award to distinguished members of the Scientific Committee of the Congress, Professor Ovidiu Folcuț, Rector of the Romanian-American University, and Professor Dumitru Miron, Vice-rector of the Academy of Economic Studies. The two Diplomas have been signed by the President of the Organizing Committee of the Congress, Professor Florian Popa, Rector of the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacie, Bucharest.

As it is known, within the framework of this First International Congress ,,Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing”, leading professors attending the event have signed a letter of intent ( with the view to cooperate in the future on significant topics: a Romanian Competence Center for Global good agricultural practices and “smartagrifood”; enriching the Eurasian Youth Forum by a „Black Sea/Caspian Sea Area Initiative” to promote together higher education, innovation and the Bologna process; pushing that initiative of cosmopolitan Youth Organizations also via the Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan organized among others by the Eurasian Club of Scientists, the Club of Madrid and the G 20. The parties concerned want to use those three activities to create student exchanges by EU-projects like Tempus, Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci as well as with transatlantic cooperation involving the USAID, USDA and identify the link between higher education, innovation in the business community and future employment opportunities and sustainable development in the Eurasia region. It is also known ( that the debates were the true expression of the strugling for unity of knowledge beyond disciplines (transdisciplinarity), starting from reuniting a range of disciplines independently contributing to the „Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing” disciplinary investigation (multidisciplinarity) and especially from blending methods in order to generate new and improved tools better adapted to the „Health-Nutrition-Wellbeing” disciplinary research (interdisciplinarity).

Professor John L. Stanton,  Saint Joseph’s University’s Philadelphia, Department of Food Marketing,  Founding Editor of the „Journal of Food Products Marketing” and Editor of the „Journal of International Food and Agribusiness Marketing”. At Temple University in Philadelphia he formed the „Institute for Food Nutrition and Health” and consulted for many of America’s largest food companies including Campbell Soup Company, Frito Lay and Kellogg.  At Saint Joseph’s  University Dr. Stanton served two terms of chairman of the department and also directed a  research center focusing on food and health. He has also worked as a food marketing practitioner, and he held the position of Vice President of Marketing of an international coffee company, worked in Germany for Tengelmann, owner of  retail stores throughout Europe, and worked in advertising as director of research of a US advertising agency. Dr. Stanton has served as an expert and expert witness to many food and beverage companies including Whole Foods, Target, Coca Cola, Ahold, Supervalu, Boars Head, Safeway and many others.  Dr. Stanton is also on the Board of Directors for Herr Foods, Premio Foods, David Michael Flavors and the Original Philadelphia Cheesesteak Company. He has been regularly quoted in the news media including CNN, the Today Show and NBC Nightly News and has been quoted in Forbes, Fortune, Advertising Age, Brand Week, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many others.  He hosted an episode of the History Channel’s Modern Marvels entitled, “The History of the Supermarket.” Dr. Stanton was also among the first to author articles on health and nutrition advertising  claims with articles in the Journal of Advertising Research as early as 1987.

Professor John L. Stanton is also a distinguished member of the Editorial Board of the „Holistic Marketing Management” Journal of the School of Management-Marketing of the Romanian-American University, a journal  inviting to the right conversation and action, considering that it is always a reward to share views with people who innovate and re-innovate, and people who are depositors of a high level of expertise.

Some books of John L. Stanton and a dedication to the

 Editor-in-Chief of the“Holistic Marketing Management” Journal