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iulie 1, 2015
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octombrie 4, 2015
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Professor Ion Smedescu, a true Holistic Marketing Manager

Seven years ago Professor Ion Smedescu chose the 5th of October to step on the path of eternity. Professor Ion Smedescu learned from his Great Teachers that there is always the need for moderation (as a rational attitude towards pleasure), courage (as a rational attitude towards pain), justice (as respect towards the man) and the feeling of justice, of lawfulness. In an effort to shape minds and characters, convinced that the education of intelligence is connected to finding the truth and intelligence is strongly related to moral education, Professor Ion Smedescu was constantly pleading for opening the eyes for truth, the good and the beautiful. And going firmly on this way Professor Ion Smedescu accepted the „Romanian-American University” (RAU) challenge at the beginning of the nineties, building step by step the RAU’s organizational competencies, encouraging emergence while considering the importance of the quality of team relations, as well as the quality of the network in initiating partnerships.

In his entire career Professor Ion Smedescu made significant contributions in transposing in the academic landscape powerful ideas specific to the „cultural architect” that is his beloved „Marketing”, advocating „intelligent growth”, and mentored numerous students in this tenure. Professor Ion Smedescu proved to be a true Holistic Marketing Manager, choosing the adequate design in the RAU context of the interaction between the managerial culture, the workplace culture and the surrounding culture, proritizing the student-centered issue and widely opening up the gates of knowledge management and innovation.

Always generous with his time and expertise, always tenacious in arguments and constant in his coherent efforts, always reacting rapidly to opportunities and threats, always properly understanding the student journey, Professor Ion Smedescu brought all university staff, students and partners renewed trust, hope and inspiration, year by year. That is why we will always remember Professor Ion Smedescu.