The Romanian American University’s Senate Hall hosted Wednesday, March 16, 2011 a Honorary Member Award Ceremony of the Scientific Society of Management in Romania (SSMAR)
martie 30, 2011
20 Years Anniversary of the Romanian-American University
aprilie 15, 2011
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„Respect”, „communication”, and „accountability” were the key words on the occasion of the impressive „Marketing” (english version) book launch on Tuesday, April 12th, hosted by the Romanian –American University’s Senate Hall within the calendar of events dedicated to the RAU’s 20th Anniversary


The late RAU President and Founder, Professor Ion Smedescu, PhD, did set himself as a standard becoming voluntarily accepted by his colleagues, bringing  all of them renewed trust, hope and inspiration, year by year.

The special event dedicated to the launch of this „Marketing” book, written by a group of authors under the coordination of Professor Smedescu, enjoyed a remarkable audience. Professor Ovidiu Folcut, President of RAU, opened the special event (Photo 1; from left to right, Professors Valerica Olteanu, Virgil Balaure, Ovidiu Folcut, Kent Zimmerman, Bijan Saadatmand) with a consistent and emotional approach, giving then floor to Professor Valerica Olteanu (co-author), to Professor Virgil Balaure, to Professor Mihai Papuc (co-author, Photo 2, the second from left to right), to Professor Theodor Valentin Purcarea, to Professor Bijan Saadatmand, and to Mr. Nicolae Cirstea, CEO of the Publishing Group “Universul Juridic – Pro Universitaria”. Photo 3 (the first from the left being RAU’s Director Moni Smedescu, and the last from the right, being Vice – Rector Doinita Ciocîrlan), and Photos 4, 5, 6 and 7 are presenting different moments from the debate.

Professor Ion Smedescu did so much for the Romanian American University and its students, showing an extraordinary intellect, a strong commitment and dedication to providing a quality education, sharing a true love of learning and for the University and bringing a real sense of belonging to all those privileged for participating in the academic life. “Holistic Marketing Management” Journal of RAU’s Management-Marketing  School did take the challenge of making Professor Smedescu’s dreams coming true, the Editor-in-Chief never fogetting the dedications from the late RAU President and Founder given in 2003  ( Photo 8 ) and 2004 (Photo 9) at the beginning of the „Marketing” Handbook coordinated by Professor Smedescu.

RAU is firmly looking forward to the future delivering student satisfaction through high quality teaching and research in accordance with the assumed role in education and community service, proving a real spirit in keeping going the right direction in developing the full potentials of its students.