An impressive book launched on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Professor Constantin ROŞCA, Executive Director of AFER, and President of SSMAR
octombrie 21, 2013
A new challenging book of Professor Constantin ANGHELACHE: “Romania 2013. The economic status under the burden of crisis effects”, Economica Publishing House
decembrie 9, 2013
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The 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Marketing, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, brought together Academics and Marketers to explore the latest Challenges

If the year 2011 marked the 40th anniversary of introducing Marketing Education in Romania thanks to the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (, this year, 2013, the Faculty of Marketing celebrated 10th Anniversary of its founding, providing a special occasion for reflection on excellence in Marketing teaching and effective Marketing science application in business practice.

Professor Pavel Nastase, Rector of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies delivered opening remarks at this special Event marking the 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Marketing, by framing a historic gathering of the distinguished Professors whose efforts made possible the development of Marketing research, debate and progress toward Marketing solutions, while building step by step the Marketing Department and the Marketing Faculty, Staff and Student body ( Professor Razvan Zaharia, President of the Senate of the the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Dean Calin Petrica Veghes and Laurentiu Dan Anghel, Director of the Marketing Department, and other distinguished Professors such as Iacob Catoiu, Virgil Balaure, Valerica Olteanu, Nicolae Al. Pop, as well as the Faculty Management Team made of Calin Petrica Veghes, Dean and Ioana Cecilia Popescu, Ionel Dumitru and Mihai Cristian Orzan, Vice Deans confirmed and reconfirmed the dedication of the Faculty of Marketing in understanding Marketing’s full impact in the face of growing complexity, and in understanding the trends and also looking beyond them, while interacting with brands in the digital and physical worlds, and considering the emerging technologies and the rapidly adoption by the customers of the new technologies and incorporation into the everyday live, and adequately measuring ROI and proving marketing’s worth in different companies on different relevant markets.

Academics from all over the country and Marketers participating at this special Event confirmed through the collective nature of their perceptions the stature and the vitality of the celebrated “Faculty of Marketing” Brand of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. They also expressed the joy of telling the world to join in this special Anniversary and proving that this “10th Anniversary campaign” can be considered a true part of the so-called “Comfort Marketing” by using memories of the past to woo “Marketing Consumers” into joining this “Marketing fascinating world”.