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The AFER’s Awarding Ceremony of the Prizes of ONEF 2015, Section: Marketing

Agenda (Cover) of the National Students Studying Economics and Business Competition, Section: Marketing, ONEF 2015, May 2015,  Valahia University, Targoviste

Agenda (Cover) of the National Students Studying Economics and Business Competition, Section: Marketing, ONEF 2015, May 2015, Valahia University, Targoviste

The Awarding Ceremony of the Prizes of the National Students Studying Economics and Business Competition, Section: Marketing – ONEF 2015 (26-27 May, Targoviste), took place Wednesday, May 27, at the International Conference Center of Valahia University, Targoviste. The prizes were awarded by Professors: Ion Cucui, President of the Senate of the Valahia University, Targoviste; Ion Stegaroiu, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Valahia University, Targoviste; Constantin Rosca (recognized as “the living expression of the acknowledgment of the fact that the secret of education consists in respecting the one who receives the education”), Executive Director of the Association of the Faculties of Economic Sciences, AFER; Adina Neamţu, President of the Jury, Bachelor’s Section; Theodor Purcarea, President of the Jury, Master’s Section.

The Members of the Presidium (26-27 May, from left to right) were Professors: Adina Neamţu, Dorina Tanasescu, Ion Stegaroiu, Razvan Zaharia (President of the Jury, ONEF 2015, Section: Marketing), Ioan Corneliu Salisteanu (Vice Rector of the Valahia University, Targoviste), Constantin Rosca, Ion Cucui, Theodor Purcarea, and Sorina Gîrboveanu (Vice President of the Jury, ONEF 2015, Section: Marketing). Other Members of the Jury were: Professors Andreea Daniela Moraru and Tudor Jijie, Student Elena Alina Rada (Bachelor’s Section); Professors Amalia Duţu and Dinu Sasu, Student Alina Nicoleta Preda (Master’s Section).

Professors Razvan Zaharia and Constantin Rosca highlighted the AFER’s strong focus on providing graduates up to date knowledge and practical skills required in the modern workplace, and a framework for their continued development , likely to stimulate critical and creative thinking, the ability to find, to access, evaluate and use information in order to solve complex problems faced by entrepreneurs aware of the implications of the actions initiated and complex decisions in a competitive business environment on the specific relevant markets at the confluence of globalization and integration. Within this context, the importance of the right interaction with the students was also recalled, while responsibly and accountably teaching students to adequately apply what they have learned in their marketing courses in approaching the competitive job market and obtaining not only their first job, but also increased financial gains, and greater overall job satisfaction.

All 71 participants at ONEF 2015, Section: Marketing, proved to be at the level of the AFER’s proactive marketing vision, making it very difficult for the Jury to finally decide the Winners. It is worth to underline both: the Olympic spirit that prevailed again, by inspiring all the participants believing in their abilities to improve, considering that the most important thing is the struggle, and that the essential thing is to have fought well; the participants were impressed by the quality of the organization (the Organizing Committee of the Valahia University being congratuled), the team spirit and collegial atmosphere confirming that excellence in leadership means that people have confidence in themselves.

The AFER’s Jury ONEF 2015, Section: Marketing, awarded the following prizes:

“Constantin Florescu” Marketing Grand Prize: (Master’s Student) Monica Ioana Rus, Babeş Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca.

“Constantin Florescu” Marketing Grand Prize: (Bachelor’s Students) Marinela Andreea Geantă and Diana Violeta Zabad, University of Craiova

“P. Vagu” Special Prize: (Master’s Student) Monica Andreea Căpraru, Valahia University, Targoviste.

Applied Research Prize: (Bachelor’s Student) Roxana Cristina Popa, Western University of Timisoara.

Originality Prize: (Bachelor’s Student) Claudia Elena Baran, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iasi.

Interdisciplinary Research Prize: (Bachelor’s Student) Camelia Ionela Ciauşu, Ovidius University, Constanta.

Creativity Prize: (Bachelor’s Student) Rusalin Ionel Tînjeleu, Eftimie Murgu University, Resita.

Honorable Mentions: (Bachelor’s Students) Ana Maria Avram, Bucharest University of Economics; Claudia Ţoţonea, Andreea Emanuela Lung, 1 Decembrie 1918 University, Alba Iulia; Petra Floriana Paraschiv, Transilvania University, Brasov; David Florin Ciocodeica, Bucharest University of Economics; Andreea Teodora Iacob, Cristian Guță, Simona Giosu, Mădălin Gospodin, Claudia Aurora Ion, Marius Hublea, Bucharest University of Economics.

Applied Research Prize: (Master’s Students) Denisa Georgiana Boboc, Andreea Gabriela Marica, George Bogdan Năstăsoiu, Cristina Victoria Vijoli, Transilvania University, Brasov

Interdisciplinary Research Prize: (Master’s Students) Maria Andreea Popa, Liana Risipitu, University of Craiova.

Honorable Mentions: (Master’s Students) Ghiţă Ioana Luiza, Transilvania University, Brasov; Alboi Alexandra Roxana, Babeş Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca.

It is also important to remember that a moment of silence was held within this context in memory of the venerable Professor Paraschiv Vagu, who passed away on May 22, 2015. The Professor’s personality was also evoked, in the presence of his distinguished wife, being well-known that the Professor’s personality was underlined by the AFER’s Volume “Pages from the Romanian Economic Higher Education History, 1843-2013”.