Academic Partnership 2016 SCM4ECR Conference, 28-29 October
martie 27, 2016
Congratulatory Remarks: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of RAU
aprilie 6, 2016
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The European Retail Academy (ERA) website is reconfirming the academic friendship

ERA has just informed us that the last CIRCLE conference took place in Naples, being hosted in 2016 by the University of Naples „Parthenope” and the Second University of Naples, with the patronage and the support of SIM – Società Italiana di Marketing (Italian Marketing Society). CIRCLE was founded in 2004 to create a platform for PhD students to speak in English language in front of an international audience, being hosted each year by another CIRCLE member. The CIRCLE Conference 2017 will be in Warsaw, Poland.

Among the participants at the opening ceremony of this 13th CIRCLE Conference had been Dr. L. de Magistris (Mayor of Naples), Prof. E. Bonetti and Prof. M. Simoni (the two coordinators of the Organizing Committee), Prof. A. Mattiaci (President of the Italian Marketing Society), Prof. C. Vignali (Provost of Circle Virtual College), Prof. T. Rashid (President of Circle International), Dr. G. Morici (President Barilla Europe) and Prof. F. Babiloni (University of Rome). The keynote speeches of this 13th International CIRCLE Conference focused on the new frontiers for management and marketing, approaching the way management and marketing are changing and will change in the next years.

Within the section “Social issues” Marie-Christin Hallier lectured about “Palliative Well-being increased by Art-Therapy”. A year ago, on the occasion of the innovative scientific event “WPA 2015 Bucharest International Congress”, Marie-Christin Hallier reminded us that Art Therapy has three options, and Self-Portraits in Art Therapy might be a first step for participants/patients to get an insight into himself/herself and might be followed by a second step: changing life. On June 25, 2015, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier, President of European Retail Academy (ERA) and Marie-Christin Hallier were special guests of the Romanian-American University (RAU), the agenda of the productive meeting included significant items of discussion, such as: the international transfer of know-how between business and universities, bringing more transparency on retail-research and retail-education; the actual need of anticipating skill needs in the commerce sector, taking into account the attention to be paid to the evaluation of philosophies offered by the steady upgrade of retail-technologies; the developing cooperation between Germany and Eastern markets.