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iunie 5, 2013
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iunie 10, 2013
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The National Students Studying Economics and Business Competition, Section Marketing – ONEF 2013


The National Students Studying Economics and Business Competition, Section Marketing – ONEF 2013, took place on May 23 and May 24, 2013, at the University of Oradea. At the Opening Ceremony of the ONEF 2013, Section: Marketing, the Honorary President, Theodor Valentin Purcărea (President of the Romanian Distribution Committee, Professor at the Romanian-American University, and President of the Executive College of SSMAR; please see AFER Diploma of Merit Recognition signed by Professor Nicolae IstudorExecutive President of the Association of the Faculties of Economic Sciences, AFER, Vice Rector of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies – ASE, and Honorary Member of SSMAR ) gave a speech on: “The Brand Ion Gh. Roşca, a proactive marketer”, highlighting the Lesson given by Professor Ion Gh. Roşcathe Promoter and the Founder of AFER – concerning the academic progress, a real lesson on marketing innovation. The Promoter and the Founder of AFER was constantly trying to build the right road map to sustainable academic growth, while basing the AFER’s strategic goals on both internal and external knowledge, insight and in-depth analysis, on a full understanding of the specific market and the student’s needs. He proved to be a real cultural architect whose influence considerably impacted the conversational culture at the level of the Faculties of Economic Sciences in Romania, keeping all of them well-informed, student-focused in the process of creating value for the student, educating him, communicating with, motivating him about the AFER Members’ services, and best promoting AFER features and benefits which the academic services provide to AFER student. Professor Ion Gh. Roşca constantly pledged for both, on one hand, the right interaction with AFER Members, and with prospects and students (the proper balance between the “right list”, the “offer”, and  the “creative execution” in the continuous “AFER campaign”, using multiple contacts through multiple mediums, having clear goals for key metrics and establishing the right action plans for making AFER goals come to fruition), and on the other hand, to responsibly and accountably teaching students to adequately apply what they have learned in their marketing courses in approaching the competitive job market and obtaining not only their first job, but also increased financial gains, and greater overall job satisfaction.


All the participants at ONEF 2013, Section Marketing proved to be at the level of the founder’s proactive marketing vision, making very difficult for the Jury to finally decide the Winners. It is also worth to mention that, for the participants at ONEF 2013, Section: Marketing, the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Oradea organized – in partnership with The Leadership Institute USA and The Leadership Institute Romania – a Training Module on “Transformational Leadership. The Science of Success” ensured by Miguel Angel Moreno, Director of International and Government Programs at The Leadership Institute USA.