Outstanding subsequent meetings of the First International Congress ,,Health – Nutrition – Wellbeing”
octombrie 18, 2011
Professor Levent Altinay, Research Area Leader, Oxford School of Hospitality Management, Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University, UK, a special invitee of the Romanian American University
ianuarie 15, 2012
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The Romanian American University’s Senate Hall hosted Thursday, 27 October, 2011, a public lecture given by Professor William Perttula, College of Business, San Francisco State University

A strong opening speech


William Perttula, Internet Marketing Professor, College of Business, San Francisco State University, has delivered on the 27th of October, 2011, in the Romanian American University’s Senate Hall, a presentation approached with enthusiasm, proving both a logical brilliance in addressing the principles and challenges of Internet Marketing, and spirit and energy in connecting with the audience’s interests. Professor Theodor Valentin Purcarea, Director of the Department of Management-Marketing, introduced the qualified speaker to deliver the important topic. It was challenging for the students to meet somebody dedicated to deliver a superior quality higher education in Internet Marketing, somebody from a College of Business which is promoting Sustainable Business, while moving marketing education from a commodity to an experience, and promoting worldwide professional standards in Internet Marketing. The ideas put forward by Professor William Perttula stimulated the audience to think and interact about current issues such as: collaborative open innovation, proper ways to disintermediate the supply chain, main metrics for social media marketing, competing in the social universe, understanding what the consumers want from local search, marketing technologies that integrate social and customer data etc.