Laboratorul de Marketing şi Certificatul de Abilități, o inițiativă a Universității Româno-Americane datând din primăvara anului 2006
martie 15, 2014
The Romanian Competition Council launched, on April 8, 2014, both the “2013 Annual Activity Report”, and OECD Report
aprilie 16, 2014
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Upcoming special Event of the Romanian Competition Council: The Romanian Competition Council’s Annual Activity Report, April 8, 2014

Just a year ago we noted that there is no doubt that „competition policy history” matters, as a special kind of „path dependence” process ( ). It’s time now to salute the event of the new annual activity Report of the Romanian Competition Council.

The Romanian Competition Authority has already launched the invitation to participate in a very challenging conference discussion which will also focus on themes of interest to the business environment in Romania ( ). It is worth to mention that on this very special occasion the OECD Report entitled “Peer-Review of competition law and policy in Romania” will be launched.