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Wilsonian Club: The Rebirth of Europe, 2018 Conference • Washington, DC

Two years ago, in May 2016, we highlighted that  President Wilson’s vision of collective security and national self-determination endures in the 21st century, this idea being underlined on December 16th, 2013 – at the Wilson House in Washington, DC (the official memorial to President Woodrow Wilson, a bridge between the worlds of academia and public policy), the leading institution for in-depth research and dialogue to inform actionable ideas on global issues – by Professor Eliot Sorel, who presented the Wilsonian Lecture on President Woodrow Wilson’s strategic vision for post-World War I Europe (as well as its consequences for Romania and implications for XX and XXI centuries, national self-determination, collective global security and economic development). A robust, thought provoking and action inviting dialogue followed after the very well received lecture, the event being attended by members of the diplomatic corps, academics, and policymakers. According to Professor Sorel, the 21st century challenges and opportunities (highlighted within the above mentioned context) beckon the contemporary and the next generation of global leaders to rise to the occasion and fashion a new global vision of collective security, national/regional self-determination, mutually beneficial economic development and prosperity. In 2016 Professor Eliot Sorel underlined: the catalytic role played by President Woodrow Wilson in leading the Paris Peace Conference that started in January 1919 and in successfully concluding the Versailles Treaty of June 1919 and the Trianon Treaty in June 1920; the superb performance delegation (during the antecedent six months and after) of the Romanian led by Queen Marie, Prime Minister Ion I.C. Bratianu and Minister Nicolae Titulescu at the Paris Peace Conference (http://holisticmarketingmanagement.ro/eliot-sorel-lecture-on-president-woodrow-wilson-28th-president-of-the-united-states-an-enduring-vision-in-the-21st-century/).

This year, on June 1-2, 2018, the Wilsonian Club (a nonprofit corporation that promotes education, study, and understanding of the modern nations of Central and Eastern Europe), Washington, DC, will host the conference “The Rebirth of Europe” (Organizing Committee: Frank Safertal – Wilsonian Club, Prof. Eliot Sorel, MD – George Washington University, Prof. Kenneth Janda – Northwestern University, Prof. Hugh Agnew – George Washington University, Kevin J. McNamara – author, Roman Kostovski – SVUW, Prof. John Palka – University of Washington). As the first speaker at this Conference (Session 1: Celebrating Creators and Paris Conference Participants), Prof. Eliot Sorel will present the topic “President Woodrow Wilson’s Strategic Vision for a Post-World War I Europe”.

On this special occasion two distinguished Romanian Professors of History will present interesting topics: Liviu Maior – “Romania and Its Relations with the U.S. Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference (1919), and Ioan-Aurel Pop, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca – “The Making of Romania”.

His Excellency, George Maior, Ambassador of Romania, will ensure Conference Closing and Ambassador’s Remarks.