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Our latest issue

The School of Management-Marketing of the Romanian-American University prides itself that as ambitious newcomers in the educational field, we are entrepreneurial, lean-agile, strugling to improve the effectiveness and performance of work processes in adapting to our world in accelerated motion. That is why we are inviting to the right conversation and action, considering that it is always a reward to share views with people who innovate and re-innovate, and people who are depositors of a high level of expertise.We strongly believe that the key to the growth of a healthy educational culture is consistency. In this context, creativity flourishes when there is a pragmatic, but systematic strategy to promote it, creativity being an imaginative process with outcomes, that are original and of value. Therefore, we think that the lesson of newly-born history of our partnerships will be full of significance for tomorrow’s world economy.
As we’ll see in the pages of our scientific journal, the father of management, Peter Drucker, said inter alia that: quality in a product or service is what the customer gets out and is willing to pay for; the material can and should be used to advance the human spirit; the importance of the “knowledge work” in „The Age of Discontinuity” within the context, at that time, of the emerging knowledge society. Entering 2011, we are under the pressure of generating new knowledge, in the actual economic climate of uncertainty being a real need of knowledge management as an enabler for business process change, integrating implicit and explicit knowledge, keeping this knowledge available and up-to-date, while focusing on organizational learning.That is why we salute (paraphrizing Henry Ford) the beginning of coming together of all our Editorial Board Members, being convinced of the progress of keeping together and of the success of working together with real passion because (paraphrizing Goethe) it is important to start today by being useful to others.We hope that we will succeed to keep open the communication channel and to interact so as to set the right tone, stimulating and encouraging creativeness and the applied creativity – innovation, re-innovating constantly.