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Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of the Romanian-American University (RAU)


Romanian-American University (RAU) marked its 27th Anniversary on Thursday, April 19, 2018 with a special event in Aula Magna. President of Senate, Professor Ana-Maria Preda, delivered opening remarks (by framing a historic gathering of the distinguished Founding-President and Rector Ion Smedescu and his valuable Partners, whose efforts made possible the development of this reputed educational citadel, underlining the extraordinary intellect and the strong commitment and dedication of Professor Ion Smedescu to providing a quality education and sharing a true love of learning and for RAU), and gave the floor to the President of the “Romanian-American Foundation for Promoting Education and Culture” (FRAPEC), Professor Dumitru Miron (who remembered, among other significant aspects, that knowledge is managed  towards wisdom at RAU). Other distinguished Professors shared their thoughts and ideas on this special occasion: Moisă Altăr, Ion Diaconescu, Dumitru Patriche, Ion Bulborea, and Theodor Purcărea. RAU Students’ Club CS-URA’s representatives also expressed in a hearty manner their emotions for RAU within this special framework.

RAU Rector Ovidiu Folcuţ delivered concluding remarks, congratulating RAU Academic Family and Friends, and reconfirming the continuous RAU’s qualitative preoccupation with a better understanding of students’ rising needs and expectations in academic quality, employability and the facilities offered to them, putting RAU culture first while driving the always challenging agile transformation, gathering the necessary feedback from stakeholders to guide RAU future developments.

History shaped by great ideas was always a roadmap of the RAU future, truly valuing knowledge and understanding, expanding this knowledge, the advance of the human capital being approached by improving RAU students’ learning outcomes and making them noticing the difference, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead in the new era of connection, gaining experience by adequate implementation, feedback and revision of the practices and the new concepts, and by innovating within the academic  ecosystem as unit of analysis for strategic thinking, matching talent to value, taking responsibility for effecting positive change, knowing that only a positive experience of the RAU students will confirm their engagement in the RAU student-centric processes, considering RAU students’ experience as the fundamental process of designing the RAU’s goals and strategies.