Fruitful discussion between RAU Rector Costel Negricea and Professor John Stanton, Chairman & Professor of Food Marketing, Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, U.S.

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Eight years ago, in the last issue of 2014

Volume 4 Issue 4

Theodor Valentin PURCĂREA - Editorial: What We Want Readers to Remember from this HMM Reading Experience

Theodor PURCĂREA - A Review of the Different Marketing Opinions on Marketers’ Maturity and Challenges in the Second Half of 2014.

Costel Iliuță NEGRICEA, Ioan Matei PURCĂREA - Digital Marketing and a Better Understanding of the Consumer Mobile Journey

Léon F. WEGNEZ - The 14th International Conference of Urbanicom: “Commerce and the City”.

Theodor PURCĂREA - Professional Readers Challenged Again by Prof. Dr. Bernd HALLIER with “Food Waste Management”

John STANTON & Mark LANG - Doctoral Dissertation Award: The Institute Of Food Products Marketing

Theodor Valentin PURCĂREA - The Latest Issue of our Partner Journal, „Marketing Science and Inspirations”, Comenius University in Bratislava, S

Theodor PURCĂREA - The Venerable Professor BENIAMIN COTIGARU passed away

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