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martie 2, 2018
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aprilie 17, 2018
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Debate with Mr. Greg O’Connor, US Embassy Regional Senior Commercial Officer Southeast Europe

Commercial diplomacy, a core tenet of the foreign policy, consists mainly of assistance to the promotion of exports and foreign direct investment (FDI), continuously adapting commercial diplomacy programs to the challenges of today’s global marketplace, fostering stronger government-business partnership. And this involves resources and reputation acting at the intersection of public policy and the marketplace, the Embassy teams ensuring accordingly policy advocacy support, adequate assistance helping companies to identify windows of opportunity and workable responses to real-time problems in individual or regional markets.

Excelling in commercial diplomacy (whose effective use is considered a critical element in maintaining and creating jobs, making sure the goods and services of a national industry benefits from trade negotiations) is always a real challenge for Foreign Service officers within an increasingly strong foreign competition, being well-recognized the growing importance of the commercial diplomacy in an era of global competition for markets, investment opportunities, and technologies, international trade being about competition and fair rules.

March 28, 2018, the Senate Hall of the Romanian-American University (RAU) hosted a lively and well-informed debate on commercial diplomacy with a special guest: Mr. Greg O’Connor, Commercial Counselor and Regional Senior Commercial Officer Southeast Europe, Embassy of the United States of America, Bucharest, Romania. The event, entitled “Commercial Diplomacy – An Insider’s View,” benefited from the participation of RAU Rector Ovidiu Folcut and RAU Vice Rector Valeriu Potecea (event moderator), who opened this remarkable event.

The special guest, Mr. Greg O’Connor, delivered a high-profile talk revealing experience, expertise and wisdom, connecting with the attendance, keeping the listeners engaged, and stimulating the debate. Discussions were full of life and energy, allowing the clarification of questions and concerns.