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Eliot Sorel: “Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis’ Washington Visit”


The Website of the prestigious Wilson Center (chartered by U.S. Congress as the official memorial to Woodrow Wilson, U.S. nation’s 28th President), well-known for its bridge-building activity between the worlds of academia and public policy, gave on June 12, 2017 the opinion of Professor Eliot Sorel published under the title of “Romanian President Klaus Werner Iohannis’ Washington Visit”:

“President Klaus Werner Iohannis of Romania had a most fruitful, week long state visit and an impressive press conference together with the President of the United States on Friday, June 9th, 2017. It was a memorable and historic event without precedent in the history of Romanian-American diplomatic relations that date back to 1880.

The dignity, precision, clarity and pragmatism with which the two leaders reaffirmed amicably and in no uncertain terms the importance of the European Union, Romania, US, and NATO relationships, and confirmed article 5 of NATO are the basis of renewed trust and the basis of solid collaboration for future endeavors.

This visit is noteworthy not only for Romania’s role in the Romanian-American diplomatic relations and their strategic partnership but also in the context of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance, NATO, and for Central and Southeast Europe economic development and regional security.

May this historic visit prove to be catalytic for new, positive initiatives, across economic, security, stability, and wellbeing for all people in Central and Southeast Europe as well as for the consolidation of friendship and collaboration of the enduring Romanian-American and the Euro-Atlantic alliances.”


We remember with pleasure that on December 16th, 2013 – at the Wilson House in Washington, DC – Professor Eliot Sorel presented the Wilsonian Lecture on President Woodrow Wilson’s strategic vision for post-World War I Europe, as well as its consequences for Romania and implications for XX and XXI centuries, national self-determination, collective global security and economic development. Professor Eliot Sorel also highlighted more recently: the catalytic role played by President Woodrow Wilson in leading the Paris Peace Conference that started in January 1919 and in successfully concluding the Versailles Treaty of June 1919 and the Trianon Treaty in June 1920; the superb performance of the Romanian delegation led by Queen Marie, Prime Minister Ion I.C. Bratianu and Minister Nicolae Titulescu at the Paris Peace Conference (during the antecedent six months and after).

Professor Eliot Sorel, MD, DLFAPA, is Senior Scholar Healthcare Innovation & Policy Research, George Washington University (GWU) School of Medicine & School of Public Health, Founder Conflict Management Section WPA. Professor Eliot Sorel, well-known as a catalyzer in promoting Romania’s culture in the United States of America (the Romanian monasteries, food, crafts, music and dance), initiated and led the so-called „Opening the Gates to Romania” project at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, in 1999. On that occasion, a wooden Maramures church was also build piece by piece on the National Mall in the center of Washington as part of the year 1999’s Festival. The world’s largest museum and research complex, the Smithsonian (founded in 1846), is a true steward and ambassador of cultural connections, its generous work wisely promoting understanding of world cultures.