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aprilie 8, 2016
Romanian-American University’s 25th Anniversary
aprilie 19, 2016
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New Congratulatory Remarks: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of RAU

New Congratulatory Remarks: Celebrating the 25th  Anniversary of RAU

Congratulatory Remarks by Andrei Nacea,

Managing Director, Seytour International Corporation

1. Razvan Andrei Nacea, Forbes 30 Under 30

“It is a great honour to address a few words with this festive occasion – celebrating the 25th  anniversary of the Romanian-American University. 

A student may recall emotions during exams, tests and dissertation papers. A graduate and former student will always recall memories as these are priceless. Beautiful memories are the most important asset in life as they will never fade away. 25 years may have passed but the testimonials and memories of students and graduates will remain forever. 

There is no university in this world that can guarantee you success in life but there are for sure universities that can provide you the necessary tools for you to be successful. The Romanian-American University remains a success factory through the recognition and appreciation its graduates receive throughout the world within top companies or as leaders and entrepreneurs.

During the faculty I was lucky to receive a lesson and then give a test. Now during my entrepreneurial path I receive everyday a test and then I figure out by myself the lesson/s. I am grateful for all the lessons received and for the patience of my teachers.

It has been a great privilege to be part of the Romanian-American University success story and I look forward to share this story at 50 years!”

Managing Director,

Seytour International Corporation