Professor William Perttula, new “Internet Marketing” Course at the Romanian-American University
aprilie 29, 2017
Jean Wegnez, painting exhibition at Cercle Artistique de Spa, “the water city”
mai 14, 2017
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Round table “What do the employers expect from the RAU graduates?”


It is well-known that Romanian-American University (RAU) is continuing to prove assumed responsibility and determination in addressing the quality and consistency of the values and expectations, considering the knowledge, skills and attitudes graduates should have today, while cooperating with the labour market’s actors screening for development potential , considering these employers looking for a balance of hard and soft skills of the future employees which are not the employees of yesterday. RAU understood from the very beginning that the key of transforming the performance of an organization is by adequately managing the hard and soft aspects of inevitable change for continuous improvement, stimulating the ability to quickly learn new skills, including by putting a strong emphasis on the necessary soft skills (but hard impact: communication, self-motivation, making decisions, listening and accepting feedback, team-working, collaboration, networking, creativity and problem solving, meeting management, time management, conflict resolution, work under pressure and so on).

Within this context it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that the RAU School of Management-Marketing organized on May 4, 2017 a special event – the Round table “What do the employers expect from the RAU graduates?” – hosted by the RAU’s Senate Hall. Dean Costel Negricea, RAU School of Management-Marketing, opened the event moderated by Adelina Mihai, Editor of Profesii (Professions), “Ziarul Financiar”, the inspiring event being attended by distinguished Guests – such as Mugur Tolici (HR Director, National Bank of Romania), Cristina Postolache (Managing partner Big4HR), and Carmen Buruiană (Enterprise HR Manager, Bitdefender) – RAU faculty and students.