The Scientific Society of Management in Romania (SSMAR), led with well known professionalism and elegancy by its devoted President, Professor Constantin ROSCA (, who is also Executive Director of the Association of Faculties of Economics in Romania – AFER, has proved again its engagement of  being responsible in supporting critical debate on global realities and in sharing, applying and creating knowledge in the context of an accelerated evolution related to the continuous pressure to develop strategies and embrace management practices able to ensure organizational effectiveness.

The Senate of Romanian Scientific Management Society (SSMAR) has awarded the prestigious title of Honorary Member to Professor John SAEE (one of the distinguished Editorial Board Members of „Business & Leadership” SSMAR’s Journal), following the proposal of SSMAR’s Approval Commission (consisting of the following distinguished Professors: Gheorghe ZAMAN, Theodor  Valentin PURCAREA, Ion Gh. ROSCA, Ion TALPOS, Ana-Maria PREDA, Constantin BRATIANU, Viorel LEFTER, Valentina VASILE, Ion ABRUDAN). The prestigious title of Honorary Member has been awarded to Professor John SAEE „For his acknowledged sustained contributions to education and dissemination of knowledge based on his research, teaching excellence and academic leadership globally over the years, while providing managerial consultancies including executive management training, for his lifetime commitment to knowledge management as an enabler for business process change and for his dedication and hard work on organizational learning.”

The third attached photo portrays the moment when Professor John SAEE received the Diploma of Honorary Member of SSMAR – on behalf of the President of SSMAR, Professor Constantin ROSCA – from Professor Ovidiu FOLCUT, the Rector of the Romanian American University, on the occasion of the Honorary Member Award Ceremony of SSMAR, which took place Wednesday, March 16, 2011 in the Romanian American University’s Senate Hall.

The fourth photo presents the moment when the Vice President of the Scientific Council of SSMAR, Professor Theodor Valentin PURCAREA is reading the Laudatio, and the fifth photo presents a moment from the discussions on the occasion of the Award Ceremony (the first from left to right being Professor Doinita CIOCÎRLAN, Vice-Rector of the Romanian American University and Member of the Permanent Bureau of SSMAR, and the last one being Professor Ion Bulborea, a distinguished representative of the SSMAR-AFER scientific comunity), while the sixth photo presents a moment after the Award Ceremony (from left to right: Professor Mihaela DINU, Professor Ovidiu FOLCUT, Professor John SAEE, Professor Oprea CALIN, Professor Constantin FLORICEL and Professor Theodor Valentin PURCAREA).