The theme of this year’s SCM 4 ECR Conference (organized at International  Conference Center of Valahia University of Tȃrgovişte, 30-31 May) was: Innovating and Reinventing the New Business Model of SCM for Chief Executive Customer.  

The 2014 SCM 4 ECR Conference began with a “Welcome speech” by Professor Virgil Popa, Editor-in-Chief of the “Supply Chain Management” Journal ( ), and also Member of the Editorial Board of the “Holistic Marketing Management” Journal. Professor Virgil Popa is also: Member of the Board of the Romanian Distribution Committee (RDC), and Director of ECR Department of RDC; Vice President of the Executive College of the Romanian Scientific Society of Management (SSMAR).

After this special moment, Professors Virgil Popa and Theodor Valentin Purcarea delivered keynotes presentations. One of the special moments of this year’s SCM 4 ECR Conference was a Panel organized by „Amfiteatru Economic” Journal represented by the distinguished Professors Vasile Dinu, Laurentiu Tachiciu and Cristinel Vasiliu. It is well-known that the “Amfiteatru Economic” Journal  ( ) is classified by the National Council of Scientific Research of Higher Education (CNCSIS) in the A Category, the Journal also being covered in the following ISI Thomson Reuters Services: Social Sciences Citation Index®;  Social Scisearch®; Journal Citation Reports/Social Sciences Edition (Impact factor: 2010 = 0,320 ; 2011 = 0,757 ; 2012 = 0,953).