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Launch of AFER’s Volume “Pages from the Romanian Economic Higher Education History, 1843-2013”, Ploiesti, UPG, May 15, 2014


The prestigious Association of Faculties of Economics in Romania (AFER) launched the Volume with the well-known great theme: “Pages from the Romanian Economic Higher Education History, 1843-2013”, on the occasion of the National Students Studying Economics and Business Competition, Section: Public Administration and Rural Development ONEF 2014, which took place Thursday, May 15, in Aula Magna of the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti (UPG).

ONEF 2014, Section: Public Administration and Rural Development was officially opened by Professors Mihai Pascu Coloja, Rector of UPG Ploiesti, and Cornel Lazar, Vice-Rector in charge of Affairs Administration, who gave the floor to the Honorary President of this Section, Professor Gheorghe ZAMAN, Vice President of the Economic, Law, and Sociological Sciences Section of the Romanian Academy, Director of the Institute for National Economy (IEN, the oldest public settlement of economic research in Romania), President of the General Association of Economists from Romania (AGER), President of the Scientific Council of Romanian Scientific Society of Management (SSMAR), and Chairman of the Group of Experts of the Romanian Distribution Committee (CRD: ). Professor Gheorghe Zaman brought again to our attention the contribution of the Romanian economists in solving the crucial problems of the modernization of the Romanian society, also underlining the obligations of the professional community in addressing the risks and challenges that the Romanian economy is facing and will have to deal with, knowing that what happened in the past will affect the future. “Quality”, “Excellence”, and “Unique”, were the key words used by distinguished Professor Gheorghe Zaman when described the launched Mongraph, also underlining the “involvement” and “reflection on the past while striving for the future”.

Other distinguished speakers shared their thoughts and ideas on this special occasion: the Mayor of the City of Ploiesti, Iulian Badescu, former student of UPG Ploiesti (economic profile); the President of AFER, Professor Ioan Talpos, who presented the structure of the work (also thanking to all those who have joined this attempt at providing an homage to the past, at respect­fully honoring the present and at confidently looking forward to the future, with all the esteem and consideration for all those who, for almost a year, have thriven to provide the Monograph with bibliographical and ar­chive documentation, elaboration, synthesis, formatting and processing of statistical data and so on); Professor Constantin Rosca, Executive Director of AFER, and Editor of the launched Volume (whose “executive” contribution was highlighted by both Professors, Gheorghe Zaman and Ioan Talpos); the President of the Jury of ONEF 2014 (the mentioned Section), Professor Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea (Member of IAS France, EUROSCIENCE, Leadership Learning Community’s – LLC etc.), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, University of Craiova; Dean Mariana Eftimie, Faculty of Economic Sciences, UPG Ploiesti (who presented the personality of Mihail Manoilescu), Vice-Dean Daniela Buzoianu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, UPG Ploiesti; Theodor Valentin Purcarea, Professor at the Romanian-American University, and Editorial Advisor of the launched Volume; Professor Constantin Popescu, the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (with a consistent and emotional approach); Professor Alexandru Tasnadi, the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (who presented the book “About Life and Economy” written by Professor Constantin Popescu; Professor Alexandru Tasnadi proved again a real spirit in keeping showing the right direction while approaching the link between the life and the economy).

It is worth to mention that Professor Ovidiu Folcut, Rector of the Romanian-American University (RAU) was the coordinator of the Chapters 19-27 of the launched Volume. Allow us within this context to remember that on the occasion of the celebration of 170 Years of Economic Higher Education in Romania and the 100th Anniversary of the initiation of the First Congress of Romanian Economists (this celebration took place Friday, November 22, 2013, being hosted by the historical Aula Magna of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies – ASE), Professor Ovidiu Folcut was awarded the “Diploma of Excellence”, this Diploma being handed over to RAU Rector Ovidiu Folcut by Professor Gheorghe ZAMAN (