The 10th Anniversary of the Faculty of Marketing, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, brought together Academics and Marketers to explore the latest Challenges
noiembrie 25, 2013
“Diploma of Excellence” awarded to Rector Ovidiu FOLCUȚ, Romanian-American University, on the occasion of the celebration of Economic Higher Education in Romania
decembrie 18, 2013
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A new challenging book of Professor Constantin ANGHELACHE: “Romania 2013. The economic status under the burden of crisis effects”, Economica Publishing House

It is well-known that it pleases us greatly to share our respect for those who prove passion in serving and promoting a real culture of excellence in approaching economics. We all know that life is undoubtedly a process that permanently keeps us connected to the reality. Paraphrasing Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, we can say that the economic science is the “living organism” that is diagnosing the economic reality and is striving to offer its best possible remedy.

Just remember and judge together four quotes: “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design”  (Friedrich August von Hayek); “In economics the majority is always wrong” (John Kenneth Galbraith); “There is a very good reason for why economics developed the way it did, and that is that in many situations, the assumptions that people will exploit the opportunities available to them is very plausible, and it simplifies the analysis of how markets will behave”; “We have to keep on watching what is going to happen in order to be in the position to compare what will actually be achieved with the author’s predictions made many years ago” (Constantin Anghelache).

The last quote is from the book “Romania 2013. The economic status under the burden of crisis effects”, Economica Publishing House, Bucharest, pp. 44. The mentioned book represents sixteen years of research and work, the initial study being launched in 1998, and the first 15th volumes being already in libraries of worldwide fame. The distinguished author, Constantin ANGHELACHE, confesses: << I reached the sixteenth edition, where I tried to perceive the essential aspects of the research object, in the context of a great “turbulence” for Romania. I assert this thinking, first, at “the clumsy course” of the country through the devastating crisis… >> (pp.24).

This challenging book written by Professor Constantin ANGHELACHE was launched Friday, November 22, 2013, in Aula Magna of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), within the framework of the celebration of 170 Years of Economic Higher Education in Romania and the 100th Anniversary of the initiation of the First Congress of Romanian Economists. In this context, Professor Constantin ANGHELACHE was awarded the “Diploma of Excellence with silver commemorative coin The First Congress of Economists Initiative”.