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Academic & Business Partnership 2017 SCM 4 ECR Conference, 19-21 October, Târgovişte, Romania


Academics, researchers, consultants and practitioners are invited to participate in this exciting online/live conference: Physical Internet and New Challenges in Supply Chain Management: Rethinking the Supply Chain 4.0 for Consumer Value


Call for Papers

When looking at the supply chain and logistics, the physical internet is an open global logistics system founded on physical, digital, and operational interconnectivity, through encapsulation, interfaces and protocols. It’s about finding new and efficient ways to move, use and store physical objects. The upcoming 2017 Supply Chain Management for Efficient Consumer Response Conference will address a number of topics around these new challenges, and is now opening a call for papers.

Those interested in submitting papers can address, but are not restricted to, one of the five following topics:

  1. Digital Supply Chain and Consumer Engagement.
  2. Future Value Chain – Rethinking Networks through Omni-Channel for Consumer.
  3. The Inflection Point: Demand Chain Management vs. Supply Chain Management.
  4. Physical Internet in Supply Chain Management
  5. Industry 4.0 and Rethinking Supply Chain 4.0


Abstracts should be submitted in English and a maximum of 300 words (minimum 100 words), accompanied by five to eight key words. This should be accompanied by the form described in the attached template. The deadline for submissions is 31st July 2017. Once your abstract has been approved, additional information will be provided about how to turn you abstract into a complete article. Deadline for articles to be submitted by 1st October 2017.

During the event, your presentations should be in PowerPoint format, be between 20-25 slides and should last around 25 minutes, with five minutes at the end for Q&A. Presentations should be live, but can be in person at the event or delivered remotely.


Prof. Dr. Virgil Popa: 0721/219320



Conference Proceedings

The participation fee for the SCM 4 ECR Conference is 300 Ron for those attending in person and includes attendance, lunch and inclusion in the Proceeding. For participants presenting remotely, the fee is 200 Ron, which includes inclusion in the Proceeding. Proof of payment (scanned and attached) must be sent with the PowerPoint presentation before 15th October 2017 to

The fee, in Ron, can be payed into the account: RO07RNCB0128141457270001 (BANCA COMERCIALA ROMANA), beneficiary ASOCIATIA AVES, CF 33183320, mentioning “for SCM 4 ECR Conference”.

The fee, if paid in euro, should be transferred to account: RO50RNCB0128141457270003 (BANCA COMERCIALA ROMANA), beneficiary ASOCIATIA AVES, CF 33183320, mentioning “for SCM 4 ECR Conference”, swift: RNCBROBU.

Your scientific papers should be oriented toward best managerial practices. On the third day of the Conference, we will also hold a section dedicated to Ph.D. students and master’s students in a special Master and Doctoral Workshop. Under the guidance of an academic, they can propose articles and the best of them will be rewarded.

The papers will be published in the Valahian Journal of Economic Studies (BDI) (; Copernicus, RePeC, DOAJ, Cabell, EBSCO & ProQuest Data Base), as the Proceeding of the Conference. The best papers, in an extended form, will be published in Supply Chain Management Journal (; Copernicus Data Base, DOAJ, the single Romanian magazine in SCM). All the presentations will be posted on the website

All information’s for direct/live transmission/participation will be transmitted in time.

Hosts & Organizers:

The Conference will be chaired by Prof. VIRGIL POPA Ph.D., Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania, and co-hosted by RUEDIGER HAGEDORN, Senior Manager Collaborative Value Chain Initiatives & Projects, The Consumer Goods Forum; Paris – Washington – Tokyo

The event organizer is The SCM-ECR Laboratory – The Faculty of Economic Sciences from Valahia University of Târgovişte, and our special partner is The Consumer Goods Forum’s E2E Value Chain & Standards Pillar.


Supporting Organisations:

Valahia University of Târgovişte in collaboration with The Consumer Goods Forum (the Global Network Serving Shopper & Consumer Needs) Paris, Czestochowa University of Technology (Poland), Romanian Logistics Association – ARILOG, Romanian-American University (Faculty of Management-Marketing), University Politehnica of Bucharest (Faculty of Transports), Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Faculty of Business and Tourism), University of Piteşti (Faculty of Mechanics and Technology), and Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti (UPG, Faculty of Economic Sciences).